About You


Being a business owner is a difficult task as you are expected to be “the jack of all trades”, making business decisions over a vast area of subjects and expertise.

We understand business owners are seeking to reduce their overheads through the use of technology but in a lot of cases don’t know where to start.

The large suppliers of essential services such as the Telco’s, Energy providers and the Banks etc. are all making record profits at the expense of Australian small businesses.


To stay competitive you can take advantage of the buying power of IntegraOne.

The advantage you gain is the convenience of ONE monthly expense, ONE Bill and ONE Contact thus simplifying your administrative workload and increasing your company’s profitability.

Eg. If your business operates on a 10% net margin, then a saving of $10,000 in your annual business costs equates to an increase in sales of $100,000 to achieve the equivalent result.

“Our goal is to reduce your costs and increase your profits”